Slanke Anke

Slanke Anke

SLANKE ANKE is a 35% fat i.d.m. (19,7 % abs.) cheese and contains 30 % less fat than a regular Gouda cheese (48 % fat i.d.m.). It’s ideal for the conscious consumer, who can enjoy cheese every day.

Even though SLANKE ANKE contains less fat, it is still a very creamy cheese and can easily be sliced.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been focused on reducing salt consumption for years. And for a good reason, because it is of great significance in preventing high blood pressure and with that also of heart- and vascular conditions. The WHO advices a salt consumption of 5 gram per day. In most European countries, including The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, salt consumption is up to 8 to 10 gram per person.

SLANKE ANKE contains 45 % less salt than a Gouda cheese and helps with the important reduction of salt consumption.

SLANKE ANKE is very tasty to enjoy, on bread, in a salad or just as a snack. Besides that SLANKE ANKE is a natural source of calcium, proteins, vitamins (B2, B12) and fats. SLANKE ANKE contains all these important nutrients.

SLANKE ANKE  is available in one flavor – the tastiest – lightly piquant.

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