Vandersterre Groep Packaging specializes in the cutting and packaging of naturally matured Dutch cheese, with a rich tradition dating back to its founding in 1929 under the name De Graaff Kaas. Following the merger with Vandersterre Groep in 2009, working as an independent unit since June 2010, De Graaff Kaas has without doubt progressed under the name of Vandersterre Groep Packaging B.V.

Today, Vandersterre Groep Packaging is an ultra-modern company. It is the packaging specialist for Vandersterre Groep but – as one of the leading cheese packaging companies in the Netherlands – it is also the packager for numerous partners in retail and food services.

With the newly built modern packaging center in Grootebroek completed in 2011, Vandersterre Groep Packaging is poised to face the future and is more than ready to provide its many new customers the packaging they need.

Whether this is packaging for consumers or for the hotel and restaurant trade or for wholesale consumption, pieces or slices, specific types, (fixed) weights, shapes or packaging materials: nothing seems to be impossible to cut and package.

Despite the use of robot technology and a great deal of automation, all of our "cheese-crazy" staff cares deeply about the craftsmanship behind proper cheese.

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