Organic specialties

Organic specialties

Our extended range of organic cheese specialties is made with respect for the environment. Authentic Dutch, responsibly produced, pure nature, healthy and especially very tasty; you can taste nature!

100% Organic
Organic cheese, cheese as cheese must be. Pure organic ingredients are used for our organic cheeses, without artificial additions or  preservatives. All organic cheeses are 100% vegetarian. 

100% “Weidemelk” (meadow milk)
The milk used in organic cheeses comes from Dutch cows, which graze outside as soon as the weather allows it (guaranteed outdoor grazing). This is not only better for the cows, but because the meadows are untreated, the cows also eat more diverse, for example more clover. This is why organic cheese has a higher count of healthy fatty acids (omega 3 and CLA), which are good for the heart and blood vessels. In addition, fresh full meadow milk is used for the Gouda organic cheeses, which makes it easier to cut and gives a richer taste.

100% Dutch
Our entire range of organic cheeses is made with authentic methods in Holland of milk solely from Dutch farms. In our traditional cheese warehouse for organic cheese in the Green Heart of Holland, the cheese has all the time to ripen until the best taste is reached. The taste of real original Dutch cheese. 

The range of organic cheeses is complete: from mild to old, or with delicious spices. In the Netherlands we branded our organic cheeses “Bioweide”. Internationally our organic specialties are mostly distributed as tailor made concept or under private label.

Taste our organic cheeses and taste nature!

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