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Introduction Landana Jersey Gouda

We are proud to introduce our unique Landana Jersey Gouda at Edeka, the largest supermarket chain in Germany. Landana Jersey Gouda is made from 100% all-natural milk of Dutch Jersey cows. Click here to read more about Landana Jersey Gouda. 

Landana Jersey introduction

We believe in people and cows

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we’re in it together. At Vandersterre Holland we believe in people and cows. Watch our photos below of our inspiring team meeting at one of our Jersey cow farms in Assendelft, a town in the Dutch province of North Holland.

The Quality of our Landana JERSEY GOUDA cheese starts with the well-being of the brown ladies: the best feed and comfort in the stable. Happy cows, better Gouda!

 Jersey cowJersey cowsJersey cow  jersey koe


Celebrate the most magical time of 2017 with Prima Donna cheese.

Don't miss out on the special Christmas deals and Prima Donna facts you probably don't know. View the Prima Donna Christmas brochure by clicking at the visual below or open the following link in a web browser of your choice:   

Prima Donna Chrismas

Discover our latest cheese developments

Several cheese novelties like Prima Donna fondue, Landana Jersey Gouda and the limited edition Farmstead cheese Goat cheese honey truffle made their official debut at the Anuga trade show in Cologne, Germany, world's largest and most important trade fair for food.

Missed us at the Anuga or just curious to know more? Please send us an email at or call us on 0031-172-606111.

Click here to take a look at the pictures of the Anuga.


Visit us at the Anuga trade show in Cologne

From 7-11 October the Anuga trade show, world's largest and most important trade fair for food, will take place in Cologne Germany. Several Prima Donna and Landana novelties will make their official debut at the show. In advance, we would like to give you a preview of our newest specialty cheese range: Landana Jersey Gouda. We hope to meet you at our booth in hall 10.1 number D-071, so we can tell you all about it!

Spooktacular Halloween cheeses

Halloween is almost around the corner and to fully enjoy the most scary holiday of the year, Vandersterre Holland surprises with the three specialty cheese ranges below. No tricks, just treats!

View the complete Halloween brochure with frightening delicious cheeses below or follow the following link

• Pumpkin magic
Farmstead Kaamps PUMPKIN SEED with a slightly nutty flavor, delightfully creamy and Landana PUMPKIN SEED with crunchy pumpkin seeds combined with mild garlic and a hint of ginger.
• Dark caramel washed
Farmstead Kaamps MUSHROOM with a creamy cheese and robust pieces of mushroom, chestnut and chive and Farmstead Kaamps CHIPOTLE with smoked and spicy chipotle chili peppers.
• Monsters of colors
Landana RED PESTO with tomatoes, oregano and garlic and Landana GREEN PESTO with a mild, smooth and creamy Gouda infuses with the exquisite flavor of green pesto. The piquant infusion of pesto coupled with just a hint of garlic.

Contact Vandersterre Holland if you have any questions or would like more information.


Landana TRUFFLE: new & improved taste!

Landana TruffleLandana TRUFFLE is a Dutch specialty cheese with real pieces of the finest black truffle, an old world gourmet delicacy. Landana made the great taste of the truffle cheese even better by optimizing the recipe. This exclusive cheese now has an even more delicate, creamy flavor. The cheese is made from full, creamy milk. The milk is neither skimmed nor standardized, giving the cheese a fuller flavor. We’ve also added 50% more black truffle to the cheese, so that you can enjoy even more of that earthy truffle taste.

The cheese is naturally ripened for at least eight weeks on wooden shelves. The result is a creamy, full flavor with the exclusive truffle aroma ensuring a unique taste experience. This divine delicacy is ideally suited to the autumn, and especially to the end-of-year holiday season. Landana TRUFFEL made to the improved recipe is available from today.

Organic Gouda cheese free from additives

Landana OrganicOur award winning cheeses Landana Organic MILD and AGED are not only unique for their pure taste, they are also free from additives. They are free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

Landana Organic cheeses are furthermore GMO-free and free from lactose and gluten. On top of that, vegetarians don't have to miss out on the things they love, because of the vegetarian rennet in Landana Organic cheeses.


Landana HOT PEPPER is the newest specialty cheese in Landana’s extensive assortment. This Dutch cheese with smoked jalapeño peppers surprises with a slightly smoky and spicy flavor. Delicious to serve at the summer barbecue.

Enjoy Landana HOT PEPPER at your quesadillas, burritos or tacos for a delicious Mexican experience. Also perfect to pair with Sauvignon Blanc and a sparkling Rosé.

Landana HOT PEPPER is a spicy cheese, made of cow’s milk, aged for a minimum of 6 weeks and free of gluten and lactose (<0,1g lactose per 100g).

Prima Donna crème as one of the best innovations

Vandersterre Holland is presenting its brands at SIAL Shanghai 2017, Asia's largest food innovation exhibition. We are proud that Prima Donna crème is selected as one of the best innovations of the fair. This cheese spread surprises with the recognizable, unique taste of Prima Donna. Delicious on French bread and crackers and perfect for a savory, creamy sauce.

Read more about Prima Donna crème.

Happy Dutch Landana cows

Have you ever seen a Dutch dairy cow dancing? It’s spring and our happy cows sprint out towards the green pastures for the best milk and the exceptional taste of Landana ORGANIC cheese. Watch the movie below.

Landana Organic cheese
Landana ORGANIC MILD and AGED cheese are made out of milk from outdoor grazing Dutch cows. There are only a few farms in Holland that are USDA organic certified, and they all supply directly to Landana’s cheese-making facility. All our USDA certified farms are certified according to the Meadow Milk specifications. This means the cows have free access to the meadows for at least 120 days, for a min. of 6 hours a day. The diets of the cows consist of nutritious organic feed and pastures. Which results in the best organic Dutch milk, a key-ingredient for the best organic Gouda.

‘Koeiendans’ (cow dance)
Spring in the Netherlands brings happiness to all of its inhabitants, particularly the cows.
Due to the freezing temperatures in the Netherlands, the Landana Dutch cows are brought inside for the winter months. The farmers make them as comfortable as possible during these colder months undercover with mattresses, brushes and a constant supply of hay. Once Spring arrives, the day of their ‘release’ back into the fields is a very exciting time for these cows!
On this special day, the barn doors are opened and the cows sprint out towards the green pastures. You can’t help but smile as you watch the cows literally jumping for joy as they reach the green grass, also known as the ‘koeiendans’ (cow dance).

Vandersterre Groep Packaging nominated for best business in Noord-Holland

Vandersterre Groep Packaging has been crowned one of the top 10 businesses in Noord-Holland for 2016/2017. This is the eleventh year that the Entrepreneur Awards Noord-Holland will be held. Entrepreneurs are a driving force of the Noord-Holland economy, and these awards are a popular way for the region to show its appreciation.

Vandersterre Groep Packaging
Vandersterre Groep Packaging is a subsidiary of Vandersterre Groep, a state-of-the-art cheese, slicing and packaging company based in the beautiful town of Grootebroek. As an innovative cheese family, we focus on the sustainable introduction of brands and concepts in Dutch Cheese specialties to the market. With generations’ worth of artisanal know-how and an enthusiastic team, we deliver a large variety of the tastiest, best-looking and best-packaged cheese products for you to enjoy on a daily basis!

A look behind the scenes
Are you curious to see how Dutch cheeses are packaged and why our business is so successful? Watch our video to find out!

Vote for us!
Do you also think that Vandersterre Groep Packaging deserves the Public award? Click below to vote for us!

Three Vandersterre specialty cheeses receive Silver DLG award!

In addition to its many gold and silver awards, Vandersterre has recently won three important prizes. The specialty cheeses Prima Donna maturo, Prima Donna crème and Landana ORGANIC OLD have all been awarded Silver by DLG.

The Silver DLG awards confirm the excellent quality of our cheese. DLG is an independent German organisation for agriculture and food research and enjoys high prestige in Europe. The institute subjects cheeses to a detailed examination of their sensory qualities. Experts evaluate the cheeses on their taste, consistency, aroma and appearance.

Vandersterre Groep Bedrijven B.V. takes over Grozette BV of Woerden

Bodegraven - The Vandersterre Groep Bedrijven has announced its intention to take a majority interest in Grozette of Woerden, in addition to the incumbent management.

The Vandersterre Groep is a privately-owned cheese company focussed on the primarily conceptual selling of cheese to market traders, cheese shops, retailers, out of home customers and wholesalers, and the export of cheese to more than 70 countries. In addition to its headquarters and distribution centres in Bodegraven, Vandersterre has built a complete new plant in Grootebroek for the packaging of slices and pieces, and is currently expanding its automated cheese storage facility in Meerkerk.
Since 2012 Vandersterre has also been co-shareholder in Kaamps Cheese BV, which produces a wide range of top specialty cheese products in Deurningen.

Grozette was founded in 1963 and produces cheese products for sprinkling, such as grated cheese, cheese shavings, cheese cubes and dried cheese powder. The products are sold to industrial customers, retailers and caterers in 30 countries. The company has 86 employees and will continue to carry out its activities independently under the daily supervision of the current management.


Prima Donna Cheese sponsor World Grand Prix Tournament

Saturday, 15 January, Prima Donna Cheese Director Jan Kos and Michel Everaert, Athletic Director of the Netherlands Volleyball Federation, signed a sponsorship agreement for the World Grand Prix tournament to be held in the Netherlands in July.

Women’s World Grand Prix
After the wildly successful Women’s European Championships in 2015, the Netherlands Volleyball Federation (Nevobo) has once again managed to bring a fantastic tournament to the Netherlands: the Women’s World Grand Prix. The tournament will be held in Apeldoorn from 7-9 July 2017. The participating countries will include Thailand, Japan and the Dominican Republic, as well as the Netherlands.

Prima Donna as the main sponsor of volleyball club Huizen
And like for the European Championships in 2015, one of the sponsors that will tie its name to the World Grand Prix tournament is Prima Donna Cheese. Prima Donna Cheese, a subsidiary of the Vandersterre Group in Bodegraven, has been active in the volleyball world for many years. The company is the main sponsor of the volleyball club in Huizen, which is named after it. The club’s ladies A team plays in the Top Division. Prima Donna Cheese has also taken the initiative to build an ambitious volleyball school in Huizen. Every week, more than 100 talented young players work on their technique under the supervision of respected trainers such as Elroy Bezemer and Teun Buijs.

Prima Donna at the World Grand Prix tournament
Prima Donna Cheese will be highly visible at the World Grand Prix tournament, including via the LED signs at the centre court. And of course, the spectators can expect to enjoy a bite of Prima Donna Cheese. As at the 2015 European Championships, Prima Donna Cheese will also conduct a club contest, with a chance to win 50 admission tickets and transportation to the event location.


We'd like to introduce to you.. 

Frank Behrens, our new Sales Manager U.S.

Frank is 49, lives in Miami and loves Prima Donna cheese! He is born and raised in Holland, but lives in the USA for quite some years now. Frank is responsible for our US sales activities.

Click here to contact Frank.


The first USDA certified organic Gouda from Holland

The best organic Dutch milk
Landana ORGANIC MILD is the first USDA organic certified Gouda from Holland. This specialty cheese is made out of milk from outdoor grazing Dutch cows. The cows have not been given growth hormones or antibiotics, instead the farmers make sure the cows have a good and comfortable life. Their diets consist of nutritious organic feed and pastures. That way, the soils, water, air and animals stay healthy.This results in the best organic Dutch milk, a key-ingredient for the best organic Gouda.

Pure, smooth and creamy taste
Landana ORGANIC MILD is made according to Dutch cheesemakers’ tradition, and naturally aged for at least 8 weeks. This semi-hard specialty cheese has a pure, smooth and incredible creamy taste and is delicious on a cheese board. This specialty cheese is elected best organic cheese in the world because of its excellent quality.



Prima Donna launches cheese spread at SIAL Paris

Prima Donna is proud to announce a new addition to its assortment, Prima Donna crème. Based on the full-bodied Prima Donna maturo, this cheese spread surprises with the recognizable, unique taste of Prima Donna. The crème is made out of 100% Prima Donna cheese and is the tasty alternative in the cheese spread market. Packed in a cup of 125 gPrima Donna creme spreadable cheese and with its renown Prima Donna branding, Prima Donna crème offers added value for a higher turnover and a good profit margin. Trays are available with a content of 8 x 125 g cups. Delicious on French bread and crackers and perfect for a savory, creamy sauce.  

Prima Donna crème will be introduced at the SIAL in Paris (16-20 October) at the booth of Vandersterre Holland in hall 7, number D-102.


Landana launches new ORGANIC OLD at SIAL Paris

Landana is proud to announce a new, extra aged addition to the organic range, ORGANIC OLD. This award-winning specialty cheese will make its official debut at the SIAL in Paris, France.

This organic cheese is made out of fresh free range cow’s milk and is prepared using Dutch time-tested cheese makers' traditions. After aging for 10 months on wooden shelves, the cheese achieves a full and piquant flavor. Despite its extra-long aging period, the texture is surprisingly creamy and easily melting on the tongue. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives are added and because of the vegetarian rennet, vegetarians can enjoy this cheese as well. 

New Landana ORGANIC OLDPrior to its public debut, Landana ORGANIC OLD impressed the jury at the International Cheese Awards in the United Kingdom. The jury awarded Landana ORGANIC OLD 2nd place in the Best Organic Cheese – Specialty category. “We are very proud to see our newest Landana cheese awarded by an international panel of cheese experts,” said Ies Verloop, Commercial Director of Vandersterre Holland. “This award is a confirmation of the excellent quality of Landana ORGANIC OLD.”

Landana ORGANIC OLD will be introduced at the SIAL in Paris (16-20 October) at the booth of Vandersterre Holland - 7D 102.


New: Landana ORGANIC, gold awarded Dutch organic cheese

Landana ORGANIC is the newest specialty cheese in Landana’s extensive assortment. This organic cheese is USDA approved and meets the increasing demand of organic products.

Landana ORGANIC is made with 100% free range Dutch cow’s milk, according to Dutch cheesemakers’ tradition, and is naturally aged for at least 8 weeks. Because of its pure, smooth and incredible creamy taste, this semi-hard cheese has been awarded with gold at the Global Cheese Awards this year, right after its introduction. Landana ORGANIC contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free diets.

About Landana
Landana ORGANIC is part of the Landana “Premium Quality Cheese” range. Landana is a delicious Dutch cheese of distinction, loved for its unique, creamy flavor, incredible quality and wide range of flavorful varieties. Landana cheeses are prepared using traditional cheese making techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation; methodology has changed very little over time.


Prima Donna now available as pre-packed wedge

Prima Donna maturo is now available as a pre-packed wedge of 180 g fixed weight. This wedge attracts a convenience-oriented target group which will stimulate sales. The wedges are packed per 10 in an attractive display carton.

  • Accessible content of only 180 g
  • Fixed weight
  • Vacuum-packed for longer shelf life
  • Easy opening
  • Shelf ready display carton

Click here to download the product leaflet.


PLMA 2015: a lot of interest in high quality brands of Vandersterre

High quality, tasty and distinctive

With its many high quality and tasty cheese specialties, Vandersterre Holland seemed to be attracting a lot of public interest during the 2015 PLMA fair. The premium cheese brands Prima Donna and Landana and the Kaamps “estate” specialty cheeses seemed to be very much sought after and were eagerly tasted by the international visitors to the fair.

“This demonstrates that our international brands and concepts as well as their packaging are highly attractive to international visitors”; this was the conclusion of commercial-director international Ies Verloop at the end of the fair in Amsterdam. The tasting of many delicious specialties was the main attraction at the heavily visited stand of Vandersterre Holland, where the enthusiastic team was standing by to inform interested parties about the wide product range with its many novelties.

Particularly the new variety Landana 500 DAYS (aged) attracted more than its share of interest, on the one hand thanks to its distinctive bronze appearance and on the other hand thanks to its full, mature but refined taste, which is only achieved after 500 days of maturation. Within the complete Landana product range (made from cow, goat or sheep’s milk) of premium quality cheeses from Holland, there were – besides the presentation of Landana 500 DAYS - also other interesting new specialties like Landana ORGANIC cheese, TRUFFLE & MUSHROOM and Landana Goat Cheese FOREST FRUIT. These two specialties with fine ingredients were selected by PLMA as best trade fair novelty and therefore presented in PLMA’s new product expo.

For more information please contact the international team of Vandersterre Holland at the office in Bodegraven: 0172-606111.


Herbert’s cows dancing in the green meadows

Cows at the Kaamps Estate
The cows at the Kaamps Estate spend the winter in the comfortable stables with soft cow mattresses, massage brushes, lots of space, ventilation and a balanced diet. But now that spring has arrived, farmer Herbert found it time to let his cows graze in the fresh green meadows again. The first time the cows set foot outside is always very special. The cows are so happy to be outside again that they do a little dance to celebrate this.

Now that the cows graze outside, the cheeses of the Kaamps Estate will be made out of delicious fresh meadow milk. Read more about the cheeses of the Kaamps Estate. 


Vandersterre Groep at PLMA’s World of Private Label in Amsterdam
Vandersterre at the PLMA fair in Amsterdam

On May 19-20, Vandersterre Groep presents its unique cheese specialties at the „PLMA’s World of Private Label“ fair in Amsterdam. Vandersterre is well-known for its cheese brands Prima Donna and Landana. Both brands are highlighted at stand 5772.

Besides strong brands and unique high-quality concepts, Vandersterre also has a lot to offer regarding private label. There are many specialty cheeses from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk available with great possibilities for private label. The many possibilities for prepackaged cheese will also be presented.


Landana introduces a new specialty cheese this spring: Landana SPRING MEADOWS

Landana SPRING MEADOWS is made from the first milk of Dutch cows grazing on the bright and fresh spring meadows. This Gouda cheese has a creamy taste and a smooth texture.Landana SPRING MEADOWS

The ‘Protected Geographical Indication’ label on the cheese guarantees that this is a real Gouda Holland Cheese: made from 100% Dutch milk, from cow’s grazing on Dutch meadows, made according to an age-old recipe and naturally aged for 6-8 weeks on wooden shelves.

Landana SPRING MEADOWS is great on sandwiches, in salads and pairs well with pale ales. Lactose free (<0,1g/100g) and gluten free by nature.


2015 a new year and a new beginning!

As of January 1st 2015, Vandersterre Groep International B.V. will be called:
Vandersterre Holland B.V.

This name change is due to the legal merger of Vandersterre Groep Nederland B.V. and Vandersterre Groep International B.V. These two companies are already closely knit (one for the Dutch market and one for the international market) and will therefore continue under the same company name.

The address and bank details, VAT and company registration numbers, and the terms of sale will remain unchanged. Please find below an overview of the complete addresses:

Visiting addressVandersterre Holland Logo:
Vandersterre Holland B.V.
Duitslandweg 9-11
2411 NT Bodegraven

Postal address:
Vandersterre Holland B.V.
Postbus 57
2410 AB Bodegraven

Should you have any further questions, please contact us, or your contact at
Vandersterre Holland B.V.


Vandersterre Groep at the SIAL fair in Paris

From 19 till 23 October, Vandersterre Groep will be presented on the SIAL fair in Paris at hall 7, stand J-121. Get informed and inspired by all new products and packagings, presented under the award-winning brands Prima Donna and Landana. For example, did you know that Prima Donna and several Landana varieties are now available in a portion pack of 120g/150g fixeVandersterre Groep at the SIAL fair in Parisd weight?

The stand of the Estate Kaamps with several unique cheese specialties is worth a visit and can be found directly behind the Vandersterre Groep stand.

Visit our stands, taste and experience our unique specialties under the brands Prima Donna, Landana as well as the specialties from the Estate Kaamps. We are happy to inform you how we can add value to your market(s) and therefore hope to meet you in Paris. 


Prima Donna and Landana awarded with DLG-gold

The unique cheese specialties of Vandersterre Groep have again been awarded: Prima Donna “Best European Cheese” and the Dutch masterpiece Landana 1000 DAYS were, after thoroughly tested, awarded with gold by Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Geschellschaft (DLG).

The DLG is an independent German organization for agriculture and food research and enjoys high prestige in Europe. The institute subjects the entered cheeses to a detailed investigation to examine the sensory quality. Experts evaluate the cheeses on taste, consistence, scent and appearance.

The DLG field experts awarded the excellent quality of Landana 1000 DAYS with the maximum score of 5 points. Due to its full and rich flavor Landana 1000 DAYS is the crowning glory of the art of Dutch cheese making. Landana 1000 DAYS offers solid profit margins and is therefore a must have for every cheese counter.

The unique quality of Prima Donna maturo was recognized by the jury with a total of 4,87 points. Prima Donna is the unique specialty cheese for anyone who enjoys the Italian way of life. The unique combination of the wonderful flavor of Parmesan and traditional Dutch cheese describes this exclusive cheese. Because of their excellent melting characteristics Prima Donna also shines in hot dishes.

Prima Donna maturo and Landana 1000 DAYS are naturally free from gluten and lactose (<0,1g lactose per 100g).


Cows dancing in the meadows at KaaCows in the meadows at Kaamps Estatemps Estate

The winter is over and spring arrived, which means the cows of the Kaamps Estate will go out into the green pastures for the first time this year. This is always a special moment for the cows, as they were inside the farm stables for the whole winter. They are always very happy to see the green fertile meadow again and most of the cows do a little dance when they go out of the cowshed. 
When the cows graze outside, this means that the cheeses of the Kaamps Estate will be made out of delicious spring grass meadow milk. You can read more about the cheeses of the Kaamps Estate here>


Landana 1000 DAYS wins GOLD at World Cheese Awards

Landana, a premium specialty cheese brand of Vandersterre Groep (The Netherlands), has been recognized with a golden award at the World Cheese Awards in Birmingham, England.
Specialty cheeses Landana goat cheese old and Prima Donna forte win bronze award
2,777 cheeses participated at the world-famous cheese show,  which is organized by United Kingdom’s Guild of Fine Food. In the category “Gouda made before 1/12/2012,” Landana 1000 DAYS convinced a jury of 250 cheese experts with a full, intense but very refined taste, which reflects the Dutch time-tested cheese makers’ tradition.

This special cheese naturally ripens for at least 1000 days under perfect ripening conditions, which guarantee the best quality. The fine mineral and protein crystals are visible signs of its masterful maturation.

Landana 1000 DAYS is part of the Landana “Premium Quality Cheese” range. Landana is a delicious Dutch cheese of distinction, loved for its unique, creamy flavor, incredible quality and wide range of flavorful varieties. Landana cheeses are prepared using traditional cheese making techniques tPrima Donna forte specialty cheese wins bronze awardhat have been handed down from generation to generation; methodology has changed very little over time.

Vandersterre Groep won a bronze award with Landana Goat cheese AGED in the category “Hard goats’ milk”. This goat cheese has a piquant character and pure taste. The extra-long ripened Prima Donna forte also won bronze in the category “Any very hard cheese” with its strong and sweet, nutty taste.

All these award winners are gluten free.

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