Landana is a delicious Dutch cheese of distinction, loved for its unique, creamy flavor, for its incredible quality and wide range of flavorful varieties. Landana is prepared according to the age-old cheese maker’s tradition. The art of cheese making has been handed down generation to generation – the method has changed very little over time.

Landana matures for many weeks on untreated wooden shelves in cheese warehouses in the ‘Green Heart of Holland’ – the land of windmills and green pastures. The cheese maker continuously turns the cheeses by hand until they have acquired the quality expected of a Landana cheese.

Landana uses only the best natural ingredients because we recognize our responsibility to the environment. The secret to our incomparable, natural and smooth taste is the creamiest of milk, taken from healthy Dutch cows. Landana provides the consumer with the traditional art of Dutch cheese making, and tastes the way a traditional, well-made cheese should. The wide range of Landana cheeses offers top quality cheese made from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk in a variety of flavors achieved by maturation and/or the addition of fine herbs. For people who are health conscious Landana offers also delicious light cheeses.


Freshly sliced from the cheese wheel or freshly pre-packed for you? Whether it’s Gouda cheese varieties, goat cheese or sheep’s cheese, also pre-packed Landana offers premium quality for you to sample the taste of traditionally made Landana. Give it a try and request for it!

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