Kaamps Estate cheese

Kaamps Estate cheese

At his idyllic estate in Twente farmer Herbert has been making extraordinary cheeses in a traditional way since 1985. By only using the milk of his own cows the best taste and quality can be guaranteed. The cows live in spacious open stables and are free to walk in and out of the barn and unto the green pastures of the estate. Plenty of space to rest and a balanced diet ensure that the cows have a good life. And that will be rewarded with high-quality milk; the base for unique tasting artisanal cheese, appropriately called "Estate cheese". It’s because of this first-class milk and the use of authentic recipes that a range of superior cheeses can be made which are ripened in a unique way.

Especially the extraordinary method of cheese aging is significant for the unique look and taste of the Estate cheeses. The artisanal cheeses are regularly washed by hand with caramel, which creates a beautiful chestnut brown rind. The cheeses obtain their mildly sweet flavour as the caramel is absorbed through the rind.
Beautiful, unique ripened Estate cheeses; unique artisanal cheese, washed with caramel.

Estate cheese – Unique artisanal cheese, washed with caramel

  • best milk, from cows with a good life
  • authentic recipes, artisanal preparation methods
  • special aging: caramel washed
  • unique chestnut brown rind
  • cheeses with a great, sweet taste 


FemkePhoto taken by Steven van Kooijk

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